The company's R&D team has nearly 50 senior engineers of software and hardware, and many R&D leaders have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. In order to be able to assist domestic SMEs in upgrading their technological capabilities and breaking through technical bottlenecks in the fields such as AI, 5G/6G wireless broadband communication, and Big Data Processing, and also hope to lead Taiwan's R&D teams to conquer undeveloped infeasible solutions in the fields of Quantum Computing, Quantum Cyber Security, and Artificial Quantum Intelligence, thus “AhP-Tech Inc.” provides services of technology consulting. It can diagnose all kinds of R&D problems for customers, plan related software solutions, and propose engineering architectures and countermeasures in time. For worldwide companies, we can also provide remote sessions with technical consultants or consulting reports to guide you how to face the current challenge in technology.

Limited by our service volume, we provide technical consultant by hours for customers registered in the following regions:

  • US
  • EU/UK
  • Taiwan

Field of Technology Consulting:

  • Computer software design
  • Data security
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 5G wireless broadband technology networks
  • Quantum computing (including 6G/7G communication)
  • Big data analysis

Technology Coverage:

  • Net-ops supporting for cloud platforms
  • System Debugging and Optimization
  • Planning of Cyber Security Policy
  • Solutions for bottleneck of developments
  • Simulations with High-Performance Computing

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