The core R&D team of “AhP-Tech Inc.” has cloud platform and software development experience of Quantum Computing, Quantum Cyber Security, Artificial Quantum Intelligence, legacy AI algorithm, 5G/6G wireless broadband software solution, big data operation and data science analysis, embedded system, IOT (Internet of Things), various cloud and edge computing architectures. We can customize the software package according to the project requirements from customers in the above fields, and become a quality outsourcing partner for local and global customers.

Due to delivery and IP issues, we provide service of software customization for customers registered in the following regions:

  • US
  • Taiwan

Field of Software Customization:

  • Embedded system
  • AIoT
  • Cloud computing IT and application systems
  • Artificial Intelligence decision-making system
  • Cyber security applications

For customization requirement, welcome to contact:

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